The program, “Opening The Heart”, uses heart’s energy in order to help people to let go of their subconscious pain and fears that cause emotional and physical problems and serves as a healing process. By neutralizing the rooted negative emotions and thoughts in subconcious mind, OTH opens blockages on energy channels and makes them flow easily.

Paul Wong is the founder of the program OTH and he created his very own technique by combining his spiritual experience with these techniques: Yuen Method, BodyTalk, Qigong, Chinese Medicine, EFT, Hipnotherapy, Reiki, Vortex Healing, Release Technique, Matrix Energetics. Paul teaches people from all walks of life and all around the world to work on their energetic systems (Healing their subconscious pain) through using the heart’s energy.

If you have phobias, functional pain (head, neck etc), addictions (eating, alcohol, cigarette, medicine etc), relationship problems, insomnia, weight problems, emotional traumas (being cheated, betrayal, being left etc), guiltiness, rejection, fear of loss, lack of self confidence and self respect, we are delighted to serve you with our OTH sessions which bring out the most efficacious solutions to all your issues.