Khayala Chalabi, was graduated from Azerbaycan Medical University and she is a cardiologist.

She is also a Reiki Master and the practioner of these programs: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), QTT (Quantum Thinking Technique ) and OTH (Opening The Heart)

Khayala is one of the writers of the book called “Anatomiya, Fiziologiya ve Patologiyanin Esaslari” which was written as a school book for Medical Colleges.

And her second book “Xeyaldan Gercheye ilk addım” was written about self healing and awareness.

She shares her experience and information about blockages on energy channels, the problems that they caused in our lives (relationship problems, illnesses, etc) and the ways that provide solutions to emotional blockages at her seminars: From Dream To Reality

She helps people in solving their emotional blockages by using Opening The Heart Technique in one on one sessions.